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TRANSFLO EXPRESS® Truck Stop Scanningviewdocuments

TRANSFLO Express truck stop scanning solution from Pegasus TransTech is a service provided at more than 1,000 participating truck stops nationwide including all Pilot, Flying J and Love’s locations. The service helps drivers get paid faster.

  • Saves time & Money
  • Largest Truck Stop Network in the U.S. & Canada
  • Ability to Pay Drivers Faster
  • Drivers keep the originals

TRANSFLO® Now! Anywhere Scanningfreedownload

TRANSFLO Now is a remote scanning application that offers the same timely delivery and accuracy as TRANSFLO Express while allowing drivers to scan and deliver documents at anytime, anywhere. Documents can be scanned from the truck cab, home, office or any other location using a computer and scanner.

  • Free and easy to download and install
  • Send multiple images pertaining to the same load
  • Drivers keep the originals

TRANSFLO® Mobile App

TRANSFLO Mobile from Pegasus TransTech is a robust smart phone solution that speeds document delivery. This convenient, on-the go solution allows drivers to scan and submit paperwork to carriers, and carriers to send paperwork to brokers. TRANSFLO Mobile is compatible with dozens of phone models for both the iPhone and Android.

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  • Quality check – automatically evaluates, scores and validated image before submission
  • Allows users to crop, darken or lighten the image
  • Compresses image for fast, efficient transmission