Transflo Now


TRANSFLO Now!®  Anytime, Anywhere Scanning

TRANSFLO Now! is a remote scanning application for drivers that offers the same timely delivery and accuracy as TRANSFLO Express. With this convenient scanning solution, drivers can send delivery documents to their fleet from the truck cab, home, office or any other location using a computer and scanner.


  • Free and easy to download and install
  • Fleet ID ensures accurate delivery
  • Works with a wide variety of scanning devices
  • Easy to use – requires no training
  • Documents are delivered to the fleet just as if they were scanned at a truck stop
  • Users receive a confirmation number via email
  • Documents are viewable by drivers or fleets through an online confirmation viewer at
  • Fleets can configure indexing at a batch or document level
  • Users have a document history review screen to view the status of all transactions

Drivers gain the convenience of an in-cab scanning solution where they can scan their delivery documents at the locations they prefer. Fleets gain quick access to delivery documents and speed up their billing cycle and driver settlements.

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  • Users receive delivery confirmation
  • View documents online for 14 days
  • Familiar and easy document delivery

TRANSFLO Now is provided to fleets that use TRANSFLO Express truck stop scanning. The standard per scan fee applies to the fleet. TRANSFLO Now uses the proven TRANSFLO Express electronic delivery network for their in-cab scanning solution.

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