TRANSFLO® Mobile Scanning Solution

A convenient, on-the-go scanning solution with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from Pegasus TransTech.

The Fastest Way to Send Documents

TRANSFLO Mobile from Pegasus TransTech is a robust smart phone solution that speeds document delivery.

This convenient, on-the go solution allows drivers to scan and submit paperwork to carriers, and carriers to send paperwork to brokers.

TRANSFLO Mobile is compatible with dozens of phone models for both the iPhone and Android. If your carrier or broker is registered, simply download the app at the link below to get started.

For Android UsersClick to Visit Google Play
Phone requirements and more information can be located here.

For iPhone UsersClick to Visit the App Store
Phone requirements and more information can be located here.

Easy to Install. Simple to Use. No Training Required.

How it works

1. Download the TRANSFLO Mobile application for FREE at the Apple App Store or Google Play. Review phone requirements prior to download.
2. Users can register multiple recipients and start scanning documents with their smart phone.
3. User take photos of the documents or import pre-scans from the photo library using TRANSFLO Mobile, which automatically enhances the image.
4. Documents can then be indexed and doc typed before submitting to a fleet or broker.
5. Once documents are submitted, a unique confirmation number and email is sent to the user.
6. Documents can be viewed online at for 14 days after

Features & Functionality

• Crops Image
• Improves image quality
• Converts to black & white
• Can index & doc type images
Lighten and darken image
• No-hassle auto updates
• Compresses image for fast, efficient transmission
• Allows multiple documents to be scanned &
sent together
• Quality check – automatically evaluates, scores and validated image before submission. If the user captures an image that has questionable focus or is not legible, the app prompts the user to review or re-take the image

Please note: This demo is on an iPhone, features and functionality may differ slightly using an Android phone

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Click Here to download the TRANSFLO
Mobile product sheet